30 Sep 2016

The Rumpus Room
San Il Defanso / Nate Owens

"I write all of this stuff because games are just that important to me. I think about them a lot and I am actively trying to raise the level of discourse when it comes to this hobby."

23 Sep 2016

Pok√©mon Go
2016 - Niantic / Game Freak

Also, my geocaching diary.

6 Aug 2016

X-Men: Days of Future Past
2014 - 20th Century Fox

A dark, dual-timeline, super-powered science-fiction thriller, and a movie I don't think Marvel Studios could ever make  -- but I think I could make some improvements.

29 Jul 2016

Star Realms
2014 - White Wizard Games

Isn’t that the name of a knock off movie from made by The Asylum? Surely this cheap little box couldn’t compete with the other deckbuilding games I had just started to love when this game was released... fortunately, even I am wrong on occasion.

22 Jul 2016

God of War
2005 - PS2 - SCE Santa Monica Studio

God of War’s critics have two complaints: it is an adolescent depiction of violence, sex and masculinity; and it is a button masher without the depth of Devil May Cry.